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Debugging Tools for Windows features WinDbg, a powerful debugger with a graphical interface that can debug both user-mode and kernel-mode code.

WinDbg supports debugging of:
·Applications, services, drivers, and the Windows kernel
·Live targets and dump files
·Microsoft Windows NT® 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003
·X86 and Itanium target systems
·Local and remote targets
·User-mode programs and kernel-mode programs

Information About WinDbg
·WinDbg uses the Microsoft Visual Studio® debug symbol formats for source-level debugging. It can access any public function's names and variables exposed by modules that were compiled with Codeview (.pdb) symbol files.
·WinDbg can view source code, set breakpoints, view variables (including C++ objects), stack traces, and memory. It includes a Command window to issue a wide variety of commands not available through the drop-down menus. For kernel-mode debugging, WinDbg typically requires two computers (the host machine and the target machine). It also allows remote debugging of user-mode code.

Debugging Training for Developers
·Azius Developer Training
·CodeMachine Consulting & Training
·Open Systems Resources, Inc.
·NT Debug Training Boot Camp
·Windows Embedded Developer Tools - tools and resources for Windows CE development.
·Debugging Tools for Windows Knowledge Base Articles - a collection of Product Support articles relevant to debugging.
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