Java Web Framework Sweet Spots - by Matt Raible @ 4/3/2006


This document was compiled by asking a number of different Java web framework authors the following questions:

1. What is your framework’s “sweet spot,” and for what type of projects should it strongly be considered?
2. What type of scenarios does it not fit in to? Would you recommend another framework in this scenario? If so, which one?
3. Of the other web frameworks mentioned below, have you tried any of them? If so, which ones, and what did you like about them? What didn’t you like?
4. What is the future of your web framework? What’s coming that’ll make it easier for users to develop with? Do you support Ajax natively? If not, are you planning on adding support?
5. Are there myths about your framework you’d like to challenge? If so, which ones?
6.What do you think of Ruby on Rails?

The frameworks represented in this paper and their authors are as follows (in alphabetical order):

JSF, Jacob Hookom
RIFE, Geert Bevin
Seam, Gavin King
Spring MVC, Rob Harrop
Spring Web Flow, Rob Harrop and Keith Donald
Stripes, Tim Fennell
Struts Action 1, Don Brown
Tapestry, Howard Lewis Ship
Trails, Chris Nelson
WebWork, Patrick Lightbody
Wicket, Eelco Hillenius

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